Set-up is very important for any instrument.

We do a complete setup including neck adjustment, intonation and tuning, cleaning and moisturizing of the fretboard, polishing of the frets, checking of all electronics, tightening of all screws and parts. We make it play and feel as close to new as possible.  Our luthier has been doing setups and repairs for over 30 years.

Electronic rewiring / repair

Including pickup installation, coil-taps, phase switches, arch-top harness rewiring, output jack replacement and much more! If you can imagine it, we can probably do it. We stock parts for you if you want to solder yourself.  Complete service for upgrade and custom wiring jobs.

Restoration and repair of instruments

Repair of cracks, broken necks and headstocks, refretting, rebinding.  A wide range of price levels are available, from functional to completely refinished

We handle structural problems, and have a great local reputation.  From functional repairs to premium repairs (i.e. you can barely tell it was ever broken), we have it covered! Whatever your instrument needs to bring it back to life, we can do it.

Evaluation and resale

If you have an instrument that you need to sell, we can help you get a fair price and make the process easy.


Our local teachers have a fantastic success rate for new musicians and those who just need to get over a hump.