Brightwood left handed violin

$799.00 $599.00


are a few construction elements that define the violin that is played left handed. A Brightwood left handed violin is a mirror copy of a right handed violin. A left handed instrument is designed and built so from the beginning. The sound post and bass bar are on the opposite side of the instrument from the right handed instrument.

The wood used in making a Brightwood violin is important to the final sound of the instrument. Traditionally the top of the violin is usually made of spruce while the back, sides and neck are made from flamed maple. The top, neck and back are hand carved from solid woods, and the finish is a very thin semi gloss. The color is a three tome flame enhancing aniline.

Other components (such as the chin rest, pegs, fingerboard and tailpiece) are made from ebony.

The instrument comes with steel core strings, and we recommend that the purchaser select a set of strings that reflect the player’s ability and the preferred tone desired. Brightwood stocks many of the most popular string sets, and we will change them for you when you purchase a set for your instrument.

The detail on the hand carved horsehead peg head is wonderful, and each is a bit different, of course.

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