Meet Our Teachers: Brightwood Music Bio of the week

maxMax DeVincenzo

Max is a 21 year old drummer/multi-instrumentalist, composer, producer, and sound designer from the mountains of Colorado. He has been playing drums for over 12 years in addition to composing music for documentaries and short films such as the History of Naropa Anniversary video and in 2016, the Jamestown Flood Documentary. He is also an avid producer and has brought multiple full-length albums to fruition playing the majority of the instruments.

His performance experience spans a range of many shows and venues including The Fox Theatre in Boulder, Timpanist for the Boulder Symphony Orchestra, and several venues on the campus of Berklee College of Music where he studied Drum Set, Film Scoring, and Contemporary Writing and Production.

Currently, Max is working remotely with two successful film composers: Nick Dolan, an award-winning composer in Portland, Oregon with whom he will be working a full-length feature film in the Summer of 2016, and Penka Kouneva who has worked with clients including Sony/Columbia, DreamWorks/Paramount and Warner Bros.

Besides playing drums as a gun for hire in various bands and writing music, Max spends his time teaching, running an online production studio, and practicing his instruments. He also enjoys coffee, weightlifting, drawing, and spending time with his three dogs and family.

Max is available at Brightwood Music on Thursdays, as well as by appointment.