Brightwood Music is a full-service retail music store in beautiful Nederland, Colorado. We specialize in sales, service and repair of musical instruments and accessories. We buy, sell and repair all types of musical instruments including: guitars, banjos, basses, mandolins, violins, violas, cellos, ukulele, horns, woodwinds and many others.

We also sell PA systems, amplifiers, and specialize in recommending and installing pickup systems in a variety of acoustic instruments for the discerning musician who is  looking for interesting and unique selections, prompt and knowledgeable service, good product value, and music lessons to further their understanding and enjoyment of our products.

Our success as been through word of mouth. Many of our customers are professional touring musicians, who have spread our reputation far and wide.  Brightwood Music ships instruments all over the country, and we stock a variety of repair supplies that are not found in even the largest stores. We are also dedicated to the local school programs and are proud to partner with educators and students in many ways.

Call or come by the store for estimates and other information about these and other services.